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1 line slots

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1 line slotsThe 1 line slots and other low-line slot machines are very popular with players around the world.  Low-line slot machines became the first slots in history. They are still constantly developing under the Microgaming, Playson, and NetEnt brands. Slots with the number of lines are considered to be low-line: 1, 3 line slots, etc.

One line slot machine

History of 1 line slots

It all started back in the 90s of the XIX century when Charles Fey assembled the first slot machine “Liberty Bell” with three reels. The first one line slot machine had a single payline, and for the most expensive symbol – the bell – the player could only get 20 times the bet. The chances of catching such a line were significantly less than guessing the number on the roulette wheel, and the reward coefficient brought more benefits to the owner of such a device.

Over time, the situation for the gambler began to change significantly – the number of winning lines on the slot machine increased, and additional prize opportunities began to appear. Although the return (RTP) of many slots in the percentage ratio is still less than that of roulette, the degree of winning has grown very much, and now max win on the slot machine in 5 000 – 10 000 betting is a common thing.

One line slots

1 line slot machines: the atmosphere of an old casino on your screen.

One line slots are the direct descendants of the very first mechanical “one-armed bandit”. There are no bonuses with additional features, it is very easy to play, the number of reels is from 1 to 3. There is also information about payouts on the playing field. Players with experience, after seeing 1 line slot Double Wammy, will surely remember its mechanical floor version. These slots are captivating:

– close to the spirit of the old offline casino;

– simplicity due to the small number of characters;

– the lack of an opportunity to raise or lower the bid.

5 line slots

New 5-line slot emulators are quite common. They continue to be released in Microgaming and some other manufacturers. The classic theme is considered to be fruit, as an example of the slot Break da Bank. However, 5 line slots are characterized by a great variety of plots. Such slot machines characterized by:

– accessibility of the interface with a clear set of characters and combinations;

– simplicity of additional functionality (risk round, wild, scatter symbols) and bonus games;

– up to 97% money return.

9 line slots

Most modern slots have 9 lines. Some of them became real hits. All connoisseurs of online gambling entertainment know about such slot games as Crazy Monkey and The Book of Ra. They attract players with risk rounds, scatter and wild symbols, free spins, and other additional features. In addition, playing 9 line slots or slots on 9 lines you can:

– disable the “extra” lines and play one at a time;

– choose the bet size;

– choose a themed slot with a pleasant story.

Small-line slots give you the thrill, the flavor of excitement. The adrenaline in the blood increases after the first” call ” to the bonus games or after the first line won on a large bet. The world of 1 line slots gambling is exciting with its variety and many opportunities that open up.

3 line slots

One could say that three 3 line slots are quite unprofitable for the player. But this is from which side to look at. If at the same time you put only a couple of cents on each one, then yes, they are unprofitable. And if you play at the maximum rates, the number of payouts will be more generous, since such machines usually have a decent percentage of the return.

5 line slots

Fruit Cocktail is a classic one-armed bandit (1 line slot machines), and will be very interesting for gamblers who are lovers of retro slots. At the same time, Fruit Cocktail fills up well from time to time, which gives it the right to occupy such a high position in our selection of the best 5 line slots.

One line slot strategy

The one line slot strategy based on the Martingale principle is based on the assumption that if you evenly distribute the winnings and losses, then with each subsequent loss, the chances of winning will increase. Thus, if the bet is doubled, it will compensate for the money that was lost earlier and will bring a profit when playing in 1,3 and 5 line slot machines.

8 line slots

Setting personal limits

The absence of restrictions is a fatal error. To achieve success in the game in 8 line slots, it is important to determine in advance some limits (both time and money) and strictly adhere to them. For example, the number of game sessions should depend only on personal desire, but not on a fictional “need”. Undoubtedly, it is impossible to imagine better assistants for establishing control over the game than the bankroll and self-interest.

5 line slot machines

History of 5 line slot machines and online gambling.  Today, the word “casino” is most often used to represent virtual sites on the Internet, rather than classic land-based establishments. And this is not just so, because online gaming clubs are much more diverse and accessible to modern users. All you need is a computer (or a mobile phone), a bank card (to top up your deposit), and a little luck. However, not everyone knows exactly how 5 line slot machines appeared in online casinos.


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