9 line slots

9 line slotsWhy have many gamers preferred 9 line slots for many years? Such online slots were the most popular online entertainment only 5-10 years ago. 9 line slots are second and third-generation slots, as are 5 line slots.

One line slot machine

One line slot machine enjoy well-deserved attention from all categories of gamers. We are talking primarily about video slots of the reel type, the first of which were 1 line slots.

Main features of 9 line slot machines.

– the theme and plot of almost any video slot makes the game more diverse;

– special symbols (Wild, Scatter, which were not present in one line slot machines) allow you to hope for additional chances of winning;

– a wide range of rates from one cent to hundreds of dollars is convenient for all categories of users;

– there are large payouts in the form of stationary and progressive jackpots (although not very often);

– various options that allow you to hope for additional payouts (risk game, free spins, etc.);

– automatic game mode for the laziest is recommended to use only with a large bankroll;

– a variety of symbols that make the game more fun in 9 line slots are made much better than the images on the classic slots.

One line slots

How to play multi-line slots?

Naturally, the goal of each gambler is to receive large payments. To get a decent win, you will have to find at least 4 identical images on the linea at the one line slots. If you find three, and in some cases two identical images, it is also possible to get a payout, but it will be quite modest.

3 line slots

These slots have a fairly high average level of return. It is in the range of 94-96%, which is much higher than that of one line slots and 3 line slots. That is, for every $ 100 invested in the game, visitors are returned $ 94-96. This is a good indicator, but it does not mean that you can have fun thoughtlessly. The danger of playing a lot and fast always exist ( 5 line slot machines ).

9 line slots

Who developed such online slots?

Basically, 9 line slots are developed by Novomatic Interactive, or rather its division Green Tube. Among the favorite slot machines so far, there are real legends, which are still launched with great pleasure not only by beginners of gambling but also by more experienced gamers.

Top 9 line slots:

– The Book of Ra. This is a true legend of online gambling. The famous Books are launched by absolutely all domestic visitors of online casinos.

– The pearl of the Mermaid. Cute dolphins will help you find all the treasures hidden on the sea floor.

1 line slots

– Sharkey. The pirate will not only cope with the shark but also show the way to the chests with gold and other valuables.

– Columbus. The story of one of the most famous navigators will not leave anyone indifferent.

These are not all slots and 1 line slots that are included in the TOP preferences of gamers. There are many other 9-line slot machines  and 8 line slots that are very popular today.