3 line slots

3 line slotsThe  key features and basic rules of  the 3 line slots. Gamblers of online casinos are used to the fact that in the gaming sites they will find a great variety and an excellent range of different game simulators from different manufacturers of gaming software.

3 line slot machines

Naturally, this was not always the case. For many years, drum-type devices were considered quite primitive and not very interesting. However, after the opportunity to open gambling websites on the Internet, everything began to change very quickly. And it’s not just that users have the opportunity to play for free. Virtual clubs offer a very wide range of slots for every taste. However, today we will discuss exclusively 3 line slot machines.

One line slots

Features of 3-line slot machines.

3-line slot machines, like one line slots, belong to the category of classic emulators. Such devices have the following features:

– three reels;

– from one to three paylines;

– standard symbols (fruits, BARS, stars, bells, jokers, etc.);

– simple controls (the interface and options are clear even to new players);

– no special symbols (they can often be found in 5 line slots);

– low bets (most often – three-level).

3 line slots

Pros and cons.

One could say that three 3 line slots are quite unprofitable for the player. But this is from which side to look at. If at the same time you put only a couple of cents on each one, then yes, they are unprofitable. And if you play at the maximum rates, the number of payouts will be more generous, since such machines usually have a decent percentage of the return.

Cons: the winnings will be small, but frequent. And there is no jackpot in such machines.

1 line slot machine

How winning combinations are formed in 3 line slots?

Any combinations that fall out on the slot machines are pure chance. A random number generator is responsible for their formation. This happens continuously, and when the player starts the reels, the RNG gives a number that determines the time they stop. The operation of the random number generator defies logic in either 3 or 1 line slot machine:

– the algorithm generates thousands of numbers every second;

– the number to stop the reels is selected automatically by a special mathematical module;

– it is impossible to predict the outcome of the rotation, as well as to calculate the work of the RNG itself.

Nothing depends on the player in this process. Neither a long continuous game nor an attempt to hit the jackpot after several consecutive successes increase the chances of winning.

1 line slots

The “One Line” winning strategy.

Let`s take a look at the most popular and effective strategy game in 3 line slots and 1 line slots too. One of the key advantages of the “One Line” method is its elementary nature. Even the most inexperienced player can master it. The most important thing is to choose the specific type of slot games where it is easiest to implement them.

One line slot machine

This strategy is often used to win big money in one line slot machine.  According to this strategy, the game should take place in 1 line. In this case, the first bid must be minimal. If the bet turned out to be a losing bet, then the next one should be 2 credits. Then the bet amount will be 4, 10, 20, 50, 100 minimum credits. After each win, you need to return to the original bet of 1 credit.

5 line slots

Using this strategy of playing 3 line slots or 5 line slots, the main thing is to be able to stop in time. After all, luck cannot accompany the player all the time, and every big win is inevitably followed by a loss. Therefore, even before the start of the game, you need to accurately determine the maximum amount of loss and winnings ( 5 line slot machines ).

9 line slots

Basically, 9 line slots are developed by Novomatic Interactive, or rather its division Green Tube. Among the favorite slot machines so far, there are real legends, which are still launched with great pleasure not only by beginners of gambling but also by more experienced gamers.  One of the top 9 line slots is the Book of Ra. This is a true legend of online gambling. The famous Books are launched by absolutely all domestic visitors of online casinos. You should also try the 8 line slots, because there are a lot of very exciting games here too.