One line slot strategy

one line slot strategyWith the sophisticated one line slot strategy you have bigger chances to win.  Many gamblers claim that playing on the slot machine fully depends on the random number generator, so the effective strategy of playing slot machines cannot exist. Partly, they are right, and a lot really falls on random numbers, but, as practice shows, not only on them. New gambling systems are constantly being developed in slot machines that will help you win really solid money.

In this article, we`ll take a closer look at the 4 most reliable and popular strategies for playing online slots among modern gamblers:

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Martingale system.

The one line slot strategy based on the Martingale principle is based on the assumption that if you evenly distribute the winnings and losses, then with each subsequent loss, the chances of winning will increase. Thus, if the bet is doubled, it will compensate for the money that was lost earlier and will bring a profit when playing in 1,3 and 5 line slots.

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But, unfortunately, the Martingale system has one weak spot – in order for it to really work and 100% insure the player from losing his bankroll, you need a very large number of bets in one line slots. If the player has a limited amount of money or the casino has a limit on the amount of the bet, the Martingale system ceases to be effective.

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We can conclude that Martingale is a good system based on the laws of logic and probability theory, but it is not particularly effective for 1 line slots. Anyone who uses it is at great risk of losing their bankroll.

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“Parlay” (anti-Martingale) strategy.

The system of betting in 1, 3, 5,  and 9 line slots on the “Parlay” principle is much more complicated than a regular Martingale, but if you understand it well, it will not be so difficult to put it into practice. The main principle of this system is as follows: after each loss, the bet amount is halved, and after each win, it is doubled. You can also use this strategy in the 8 line slots.

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Considering that on one line slot machine more than 50 % of the spins are lost, it seems that there is a logic in this system. If a player falls into the black bar, then his losses will not be as significant as with Martingale, for example, or with even bets on each spin. And, conversely, if you get into a successful wave, the winnings will increase significantly.

One line slot strategy “Zigzag”.

In this one line slot strategy the player must find the 1 line slot machine in the casino, which is about to give out the jackpot, and play on it. Given that the reels of slot machines are controlled by a random number generator, there is no special logic in this strategy. However, the “Zigzag” system has its fans, probably, people are just pleased to realize that they are fighting for a big win.

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Pyramid gambling system.

The pyramid system of bets can be represented visually as an isosceles triangle, which is why it is called so. The player starts with small bets, gradually reaches high ones, and then goes down again to the minimum bets.

Traditionally, it is customary to use the pyramid system when playing 1 and 3 line slots, which are also called non-progressive in another way. For example, if five coins are the maximum you can play with on a line, then the pyramid betting chain will look like this:

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One – two – three – four – five – four – three – two – one.

The purpose of this system is that the player has the opportunity to win large amounts of money on large bets, but at the same time use small bets, which would allow him to save game money for a long time.

Ideally, the white streak should fall on the big bets, and the bad streak should fall on the low ones. But, as you know, in practice, everything can happen the other way around, otherwise we would all have been millionaires long ago (5 line slot machines ).