5 line slots

5 line slotsMost popular 5 line slots online.  Any novice gambler who wants to enter the world of gambling begins his journey with winning 5 line slots because this type of online entertainment is very easy to manage.

5 line slots

It does not require a deep study of the rules and the creation of complex game strategies, as is the case with 9 line slots.

Today we will tell you about the most reliable and popular 5 line slot machines in 2021:

One line slot machine

Book Of Ra.

This is a well-known online slot on the theme of ancient Egypt, which is very popular among both beginners and professionals. The developer of the device is Novomatic, which is the leading company in the world of gambling software, has released the very first online one line slot machine many years ago.

Book Of Ra has a low variance, which means that it gives out winnings quite often. This allows you to get a very long game session, which is very popular with many beginners.

The slot is incredibly easy to manage, with only a few buttons responsible for setting bets and spinning the reels. Even if you are playing for the first time, it will take you no more than 15 minutes to master the controls and rules of the game.

1 line slot machines

Gonzo Quest.

This slot is also dedicated to the search for ancient treasures, but this time, the action takes place in a lost jungle, among high thickets and dangerous predators. The developer of the device is the Swedish company NetEnt, which has many years of experience and produces only high-quality games for 9, 5, 3, and 1 line slot machines.

Gonzo Quest features updated graphics and pleasant soundtrack, it is also easy to manage and quite often gives winnings.

One line slots


This is a non-standard slot machine that really gives you a win with a unique thematic design. With Resident, you will try on the role of a scout, whose task is to find out secret military secrets.

Resident has a design in gray-green tones, and as images on the reels, the attributes of the spy’s life are used: weapons, tools, gold coins, documents, and other things. This slot is very similar to the very first one line slots.

3 line slots

Fruit Cocktail

This is a fairly old, but no less popular fruit-themed slot machine from the developer Igrosoft. Being popular in the days of 3 line slots, Fruit Cocktail features simplified graphics and a simple soundtrack.

1 line slots

Fruit Cocktail is a classic one-armed bandit (1 line slots), and will be very interesting for gamblers who are lovers of retro slots. At the same time, Fruit Cocktail fills up well from time to time, which gives it the right to occupy such a high position in our selection of the best 5 line slots.

Crazy Monkey.

This is a legendary fruit video slot, which for a long time became the hallmark of online gambling in many countries. The game is characterized by a bright graphic design, the reels contain images of fruits, symbols, happy monkeys, etc. There is also a cheerful soundtrack.

The popularity of Crazy Monkey has gained quite a reason, this device was the most winning for a very long time ( 8 line slots ).