One line slots

one line slotsThe Types of  one line slots and other game slots.The choice of onlineslots is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to give preference to any one game. There are no fundamental differences between 1 lineslots of different software. The basic principle of the game is observed: reels, paylines, coins for betting, the SPIN button that starts the game. The slots are divided into the main types as follows:


– Classic Slots

There are one line slots whose graphics are similar to the authentic mechanical 1 line slots, or they have only three reels to play and from one to five paylines. Such simple slots are considered classic or standard. Although, literally classic online slots are very far from their predecessors of the early 20th century.

– Bonus Slots

The presence of ” bonus features” in an online slot puts it in the category of bonus slots. And depending on the type of feature offered in the game, the bonus 1, 3, 5, 8 line slots and 9 line slots can also be divided into different categories.

– 3D online slots.

The 21st century in the online gambling industry has added new games to the arsenal of online slot machines-3D online slots ( 3 line slots ). There aren’t many of them yet. The execution in the software is still different.

One line slot machine

So in Microgaming, there is a 3D slot for playing in which you will need 3D glasses, which will create the most popular effect. But other developers of one line slot machine have gone the other way. In Betsoft Gaming, Eyecon, and Sheriff Gaming software, 3D slots do not require special points, because the effect is created by 3D graphics, which makes the game incredibly attractive.

5 line slots

The 5 line slots are also among the popular slots among slot machine games. With the 5 line (reels) this casino game offers much higher chances of winning than in the 1 line slot machines. In order to achieve these winning chances, however, you also have to deposit a higher stake.

One line slot strategy

With the new and sophisticated online line slot strategy, you may have the opportunity to win more often. However, the risk of loss remains! So only use money that you could possibly lose in the game. If you then win the joy is greater – if you should lose, then the loss is easier to bear.